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Zoë Spice Rub Box Set
Zoë Spice Rub Box Set
Zoë Spice Rub Box Set
Zoë Spice Rub Box Set

Zoë Spice Rub Box Set

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Zoë spice rubs are unique. In every kit you get a specific Zoë infused extra virgin olive oil and a signature spice blend recipe that we have perfected. All you need to do is drizzle the olive oil over your favored meat, veggies, fish or anywhere you would like to add some amazing flavor, sprinkle the spice rub then mix it all over. Let it infuse with flavor for 15 minutes then grill or cook it the you'd like. Zoë spice rub kits will have your food tasting like it just got made at your favorite restaurant


Box set includes all four of our Zoë rub kits:

- Greek rub kit includes: Zoë Greek herb infused olive oil & Zoë Greek spice rub blend.

- Italian rub kit includes: Zoë Tuscan herb infused olive oil & Zoë Italian spice rub blend.

- Portuguese rub kit includes: Zoë Lemon infused olive oil & Zoë Portuguese spice rub blend.

- Jamaican rub kit includes: Zoë Chili infused olive oil & Zoë Jamaican Jerk spice rub blend.


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